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The predecessor, who is 80 years old, has spent more than 10 years
Handmade tree house "Forest Birdhouse"

We sweat together,
It was regenerated as a hotel, cafe, and sauna.

Feel the wind of Yanbaru and sleep with the tree.
Take in the morning sun and become one with nature.

Please come to taste the time when it flows slowly.




​ You can spend a relaxing time on the superb view deck. Try the Mediterranean plate of colorful vegetables and chickpeas.


All are on the same site, but there are hotels, saunas, cafes, etc.
​ You can enjoy it separately. Please feel free to drop in.

Tree House Hotel



A tree house hotel in Nakijin Village, Okinawa Prefecture. This is a private hotel with one group per day. It is quietly open in the woods overlooking the sea.

​ Superb view sauna



​ A superb view sauna with a view of the sea from the deck. Cool down with cold water of 13 degrees. A full-scale Scandinavian sauna that can be used for a day trip.

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